Content Industry

20 Aug 2018

Recent Events

Starchain raised 12 million USD from RC Capital, Chainbeans Capital, Compete & Create Capital’s strategic investment of, with a post at about 150Mil USD.

Who is starchain and what do they do?

Starchain is a public blockchain provide modular and customized support for content and entertainment industry, highly adapted to the entertainment industry.

How does bockchain change Media and Entertainment Industry?

Copyright protection is a headache for creators. Adaptations, reproductions and derivative violate the rights of original authors and authors struggle to defend their rights. A simple and fast copyright registration system is in great demand.Blockchain is very suitable for such a system because of its underlying technical characteristics: traceability and tamper-proof. Because of its strong credibility, Chinese courts have adopted Blockchain Copyright Registration System as evidence in judicial trials.

The existing copyright transaction is very opaque, which leads to the income of creators can not be guaranteed, seriously discouraging the enthusiasm of creation. Small and medium IP creators cannot enjoy reasonable profit sharing, because the bargaining power is weak, copyright is often bought out in a lump sum

Projects: Unlimited IP (who has signed Japanese writer Higashino Keigo), Aiptrade

Middlemen (take music industry as an example: lyrics and music agents, record companies and finally music platform) gain a lot of benefits.The world deserves a system connects the content creators and the consumers on the same platform, which

  1. Content creators can sell their productions to customers directly and get paid instantly
  2. Split revenue automatically for content with more than 1 contributor
  3. The cost of the middleman will be reduced to zero.the original content developers will get more benefit Projects: Decent

Artists can directly launch crowdfunding to fans through the platform. Through the smart contract setting the income distribution of copyright selling and distribution benifit in the later stage.Fans can invest to obtain tokens, which can be used to watch films and benefitted from the IP derivatives

Projects: SingularDTV, Decent

What’s the core tech?

Both IP assets transaction and income distribution are implemented in tokenization. Programmable assets increase productivity and reduce middlemen.


In the Internet era, the content industry was the first to be digitized. And it remains a pioneer in the blockchain era. Digital assets may be the first successful case of assets tokenization.

Companies who has vested interests are the biggest barriers. It’s a challenge but also a chance to beat big companies.

We should keep an eye out for whether these projects can win over some creators and gain benefits for them.